Today was Carnaval, and I walked around a lot of hilly streets and some lovely churches. But, it was definitely not the breast-filled debauchery that I was anticipating. Not a single beer to be seen on the streets. Traditionally there were water-fights to celebrate, but those have largely petered out, likely because everyone has phones now and nothing is worse than getting splashed with water when you have a phone in your pocket. One kid did throw a water balloon at me out of the back seat of a truck. But he missed by a mile, probably because here are no throwing sports here. Stick to Futbol, kid.

On my journey I picked up a newspaper with what I think is the perfect article for someone learning Spanish. It is pretty much a "See Spot Run" story except spot is the Ecuadorian national team, and they fly to England. But lots of great he is coming/they are coming/then they will etc. Great stuff. Onto the article!

The title of this article is so much better than the last one: "Tricolor se entrenará en la Queens Park". The tricolores are the national team, so called because of the yellow, blue and red of the flag. I bet that like 90% of other countries hate the didn't get to that one first. And the rest of the title says they are entertained at Queens Park.

Next the subtitle, with another worderful nickname. "La Selección jugará el miércoles ante Australia, en London". This says that they are playing Australia in a friendly match in London. But how about that name?! La Selección! Literally 'The Selection'. That is some Hunger Games shit!

The rest of the article is pretty straight forward. New players, managers and trainers (cuerpo tecnico = body technician, which is also a cool translation) departed from London yesterday, and will play Australia on Wednesday in a friendly. Nine players flew from Quito yesterday, and then a number of players are coming in at different times today and tomorrow. I am unclear if they are coming from European teams or are just lazy. Also 3 are flying from Mexico. Tomorrow they will possibly practice, or just entertain (its the same word as in the title, but I don't think it works quite the same here, unless they are literally in The Queen's Park and are performing some sort of routine for her pleasure? I am not ruling anything out) at the Queens Park stadium. The next day they get to "carry out a reconnaissance" which I am assuming means Australia practices and they watch.

So, what did I learn today? Carnaval is kind of overrated, spanish nicknames for things are not.