Who Am I?

My name is Wilson Sihlis, and I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but currently I am living in Quito, Ecuador, despite speaking next to no Spanish or even being very good at traveling. In the summers I work as as a treeplanting Foreman in British Columbia and Alberta. This is a very good job, but it isn't exactly a career, so I am also trying to go to medical school. I have graduated with a degree in cell and molecular biology, but my overwhelming laziness has put me into the category of "grades that are almost good enough to get in." As a result, I am here in Ecuador doing 6 weeks of volunteering at a special needs clinic.

Here are my most distinguished writing accomplishments to date:

http://deadspin.com/personal-annot... got 77 recs, because it was about skiing or something and a million people who were visiting deadspin for the first time saw it.

http://deadspin.com/ha-an-oiler-on... got a reply from Wagner.

http://deadspin.com/kerry-we-have-... got an answer in the Kerry Rhodes live chat, which is pretty cool.

http://deadspin.com/thank-goodness... got a red from Patchesky, which bumped me out of the grey.

Also, https://twitter.com/wsihlis/status... got a fav from marmol heater, and a follow from Erg, the closest I have come to being a big deal in the deadspin world.

I also had an essay in English 110 be used as an example essay for at least 2 years. So I don't think I need to say that my writing credentials speak for themselves. Now, enough with the intros, on to the blog!

The Blog

Since my Spanish is equivalent or worse to your average special needs 4 year old (not a joke, I compare it every day), I desperately need to find a way to improve. Reading the spanish-english dictionary is very boring and listening to people speak is just a stream of sounds with no obvious differentiation between words. I decided that reading and translating soccer (Futbol, see translation!) news would be good practice. So that is what this blog will entail: news from the world of Ecuadorian soccer (and no, none of that Series B garbage, you filthy hipsters) as well as some other tales from my time here, if anything interesting happens. The stories are translated by me, using my dictionary and Google as a last-ditch effort. We will learn if the takes are indeed Caliente, and hopefully some Spanish vocabulary.

Next post: a breakdown of a Copa de Libertadores match between San Lorenzo from Argentina and Independiente from Sangolqui, Ecuador. It should be a barn burner!